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Teaching Spiritually Engaged Reading

Teaching Spiritually Engaged Reading

Reading is much more than decoding. Beyond basic literacy skills, interpretive virtues may be present or absent - are we reading justly, charitably, or attentively? Connecting reading with such virtues invites questions about how growth as a reader relates to spiritual growthand about how teachers' pedagogical choices might contribute to or hinder either kind of growth. This volume of essays explores these intersections, addressing topics that include:

  • charitable reading, playfulness, and teaching methods
  • stances of mastery or humility in classroom reading
  • Saint Augustine's understanding of reading and its classroom implications
  • how students' faith influences their readings of literary texts, and how we might respond pedagogically
  • the teaching of world literature in the light of neighborly love as an ethic for readers
  • the role of children's reading in Christian nurture in the light of reader response theory
  • an approach to interpretive virtues in the classroom through reading aloud

As a whole, the essays investigate how the shape given to the reading experience by educators across the curriculum connects with faith and spiritual growth. They point to issues tensions, and teaching practices of relevance to any educator who seeks to help learners to engage deeply with texts.

This collection is the second in an occasional series of special volumes of the Journal of Education and Spiritual Belief.

David Smith BA MPhilF PhD is an Associate Professor of German and Director of the Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.
John Shortt BEd MA PhD is Travelling Secretary for European Educators' Christian Association (EurECA) and an educational consultant based in the UK.

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